Boyar's Market, the family grocery that successfully weathered the generations, will celebrate its 100th year in business this season, opening on Thursday, April 25th for their centennial year in Ocean City.

A History Lesson in a Family Business

Every family business has a few interesting stories, but Boyar's Market is worthy of an academic American history lesson.

From humble beginnings, when Louis and Mary Boyar moved to Ocean City from Woodbine in 1924 and started a fruit stand on the street outside their new apartment on 13th Street, to the successful independent Ocean City food market with two locations today.

In the 1930s, the family bought the old A&P store on Asbury Avenue and expanded their business, and Boyar's Market grew and evolved as the town itself did.

As you read the website history of Boyar's evolution through a revolving cast of family characters over the decades, you become more appreciative of the odds this family business beat to survive and thrive for a full century.

All the while, Boyar's was developing its reputation for quality and freshness.

Boyar's Market Today

In 2004, the new Boyar's Food Market was built in the spot of the old one on Asbury Avenue, and, in 2015, Boyar's opened its 55th Street location.

Both locations close for a time during the winter months now, but reopen in the spring ready to continue their century-long tradition of providing exceptional food and service with a full-service butcher making their delicious home-cooked roast beef and offering fresh meats, cold cuts, prepared dishes, produce, and party trays.

Boyar's Market is still successful 100 years later by providing great food with old-fashioned service.

Happy 100th Anniversary to Boyar's Market!

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