James Gandolfini was a New Jersey kid who turned the TV world upside down with his legendary portrayal of Tony Soprano. His loss is being felt throughout the Garden State and the world.

The Sopranos was one of those rare shows that became must watch. It was one of those hours that just flew by. As a matter of fact, the show was so compelling that on those weeks when it only lasted 52 or 53 minutes, you felt ripped off.

A huge part of the success of The Sopranos was the week in and week out incredible performance of Gandolfini. A character actor most of his life, Gandolfini burst onto the international scene as Tony Soprano.

I, like so many of us, was a huge fan of the show. The loss of this great New Jersey actor is hard top put into words. A kid from the Garden State who went to Rutgers and turned the entertainment world upside down with the portrayal of an unforgettable character...and an unforgettable actor.

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