Now Jenk's owns almost the whole boardwalk!

Risden's Beach & Bath House, located all the way at the southern end of the Pt. Beach boardwalk, has been a separate entity from Jenkinson's for around 80 years.

And when it went up for sale, the town of Point Pleasant Beach actually had hoped they'd have a shot at buying the property...but couldn't possibly raise as much money as Jenk's had to buy that piece of boardwalk, beach, bathhouse and parking lot. But as the mayor says, "[Jenkinson's] has always done everything first-class."

The Storino family and loyal employees that run Jenkinson's have really got the beach and boardwalk entertainment business down to a science (after all, they deal with an insane influx of tourists every season) and, because of this, families for years have been making wonderful memories, to me, it would only make sense that Jenkinson's take over where Risden's left off to keep the boardwalk uniform and running so wonderfully.

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