We are embarking on one of the most special and important summers in Jersey Shore history. Can we prep our feet for it appropriately?

Let's talk openly about this for a minute. How many times have you seen someone slip off their shoes at a Jersey Shore beach only to uncover a foot that is clearly not ready for prime time.

I'm not looking to host a foot beauty pageant and I do not have a foot fetish (no disrespect to those who do. You do you!) but I do think that if you are going to the beach you should gently remind yourself, or someone you love that those feet, long hidden under socks and cloaked by a pandemic, are about to be naked in front of the world.

So sharpen up those nail clippers and get to work. There are as many eyes out on that beach as there are toes. I know that's not mathematically true, but you know what I mean.

Let me stress, we're not looking to judge and we're not expecting TV commercial quality feet here, but I think it's reasonable to expect presentable, don't you? After all, the feet are pretty private and should be treated as such.

Here are some simple reminders for basic beach foot care (and we all know this will be breaking news for some), from Maidenhead Podiatry with my additional thoughts at no extra charge....

Remove hard skin. Please follow this one...please!

Cut toenails. How do people forget this one? This could be more important than a good parking spot and sunscreen combined. And remember cut the nails along the toe contour.

Banish blisters. Now we're getting to the heart of it. The experts say don't cover the blisters, just let them get air to heal. And let's hope they do before beach day.

Let's all do this together. For you. For me,. For all of us. Thank you.

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