With the 4th of July holiday getaway underway, we thought we should remind everyone of some important things to remember when you're behind the wheel in Jersey!

Garden State Parkway
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    Thou Shalt Not Hog the Left Lane

    I know, you’re doing the speed limit. I know, people can go around you. The thing is, we have police officers, and you don’t get to do their job for them. Plus, you are likely causing a massive traffic jam by causing the people behind you to hit the brakes. Yes, it’s obnoxious when people tailgate you, but don’t be spiteful. Just move over.

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    Thou Shalt Not Make Sudden Movements

    Are you in the left lane on the highway and realize your exit is coming up on the right in 300 feet? Do not stop and/or try to swerve across four lanes of traffic to make it. Go to the next exit and turn around. It will be okay. Are you going 40+ mph and suddenly slamming on the brakes because you saw your friend Rita, or a cute little bunny, or a new store? Congratulations, the car behind you is now in your backseat. Keep it moving -- you can text Rita/mentally hug the bunny/Google the store when you get home.

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    Thou Shalt Not Pass Like a Lunatic

    I believe it was George Costanza who reminded us all that, “You know, we’re living in a society!” If there is heavy traffic, do not attempt to criss-cross among multiple lanes of traffic, use the shoulder as a passing lane, and generally cut people off while pretending you are in a video game. Maybe you won’t crash, but you might be the reason why someone else does. Have some chill.

  • Google Maps Street View
    Google Maps Street View

    Thou Shalt Prepare for Tolls

    Toll booths will never come up out of nowhere and surprise you. They are always in the same place, and the nice people at the Department of Transportation make sure to put signs up to let you know they are coming. They start warning you at least 2 miles ahead of time. Get your money ready, and if you don’t have ez-pass, stay to the right. If you are not in the lane you should be, refer to rule 2, and then accept the fact that you may have to pay a small fine in a few weeks because you weren’t paying attention.

  • (Vicki Reid, ThinkStock)
    (Vicki Reid, ThinkStock)

    Thou Shalt Put Your Damn Phone Down

    “Yeah, but I’m actually really good at texting and driving, like it’s kind of insane how good I am at it.” No, you’re not. You THINK you are, but the person or people who are swerving to avoid you as you drift out of your lane do not. Bluetooth if you must. Take your phone off vibrate or put it somewhere where you won’t notice you’re getting messages. Bonus: you can tell your friends/family/boss you were off doing something cool and mysterious and that’s why you couldn’t answer them right away.

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    Thou Shalt Not Be a Douche

    This is a basic life rule, really. We all have bad days, but do your best to not be a jerk. Let people go ahead of you. Give courtesy waves. Don’t cut people off. Move over if someone is clearly trying to pass you. Pay attention.

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