As we gear up for the summer of our lifetime, the accolades keep coming in for Monmouth & Ocean Counties, including the list of most family friendly beaches in New Jersey for 2021.

We are so proud of the amazing number of family friendly places there are here  at the Jersey Shore, and a recently published article at Family Destination Guides bolsters our place as a wonderful family destination here in the Garden State.

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The website recently published their list for "Most Family Friendly Beaches In New Jersey For 2021" and not only did our local beaches get recognized, but they dominated. It turns out 60% of the beaches on the list call Monmouth or Ocean Counties home.

Here's a list of the local beaches that made the list and how they ranked in the top 10...

Sandy Hook Beach (#2)

Long Branch (#3)

Asbury Park (#4)

Beach Haven (#5)

Island Beach State Park (#9)

Point Pleasant Beach (#10)

Congratulations to these beaches and the towns in which they live for this awesome honor. It's well deserved. And yes, we could make the argument for at least a half dozen Monmouth & Ocean Counties, and they would all be strong arguments.

And if I can insert my two cents here, I'm not too sure why Point Pleasant Beach and Jenks aren't higher on this list. They have certainly have earned it. But I'm not going to bark too loud. Overall we have to be really happy for our Jersey Shore with these results.

So congratulations to all the great local family friendly beaches that made the list, and here's to a great, super successful summer for all of us!

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