Liz, Diane and I judged the Jersey Shore Meatball Gala last night in Wall with proceeds benefitting Wall High School Project Graduation and the night was an amazing success.

I ate so much. So much. The thing is when you're somewhere where every meatball is a good one, and as a judge you are required to try them all, these things happen. Talk about a great job...eating meatballs. I was born to do this.

One of the things I didn't expect was to be crowned "King Of the World" (a title I asked for) while Liz was simultaneously being named Queen of the Meatball (a title she didn't ask for). It was a proud moment for the both of us!

king and queen
Lou and Liz Crowned "King of the World" and "Queen of the Meatball" (photo, Diane Russo)

We just want to take a minute to thank Jo and all the great people associated with this event for creating such a fun evening for such an amazing cause, and for having us be part of it.

If you want more info, just visit the Jersey Shore Meatball gala website.

Lou and Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden
Lou and Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden at the Meatball Gala (photo courtesy of Gary Gellman, Gellman Imaging)