Now that summer is upon us, what will Jersey Shore residents do about their diets and weight loss plans?

That's exactly what we asked you in the latest Jersey Shore poll, and the results include a lot of logic and a great deal of will power. We wouldn't expect any less from the Jersey Shore, right?

First of all, no one, and I literally mean no one, is trying to start a diet at the beginning of the summer. That choice got exactly 0% of the vote, and that makes sense. This doesn't seem like a logical time to kick off a diet.

Another 9% of voters said they aren't planning on dieting this summer and haven't dieted leading up to the summer. The same percentage of voters (9%) said they did diet all winter and plan on dropping the diet for the summer.

Some voters (18%) said they are so happy with the results of their recent dieting that they're not going to let summer stop them, so they plan on continuing the diet right through the season.

But the overwhelming top choice among voters is basically maintaining their diet, with room for some good old summer diet cheating once in a while. That's what a whopping 64% of voters said they'll do this summer.

Whatever your diet or nutrition plan is this summer, we wish you the best and hope you enjoy your Jersey Shore summer!

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