Tis the season for Jersey tomatoes and I know I am not alone when it comes to using these beauties in many of my summer meals. From tomato sandwiches to tomato salads, you can never go wrong with a fresh Jersey tomato. With that being said, the real question is do you add tomato to your grilled cheese or do you prefer a regular tomato and mayo sandwich? When it comes to summer I am partial to a quick meal, maybe it’s because I am lazy, or maybe I just don’t want to heat up the house cooking. Either way my summer go-to sandwich is just a regular tomato sandwich with salt, pepper, and mayo. If you don’t care for mayo then you could do the alternate option…

Mix oil and vinegar (balsamic is my go-to) or any Italian dressing with a small amount of Plain Greek Yogurt. Spread that on your favorite bread. I usually use sliced, toasted Italian bread. So delish!!

What is your favorite way to use Jersey tomatoes?

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