I freaking love Jon Stewart.  He was spotted this week in Surf City at Scojo’s Eatery which is not at all unusual. Jon is a Jersey guy and a regular on the Island.  Of course we know and love him from his time on The Daily Show but in case you didn't know, he has one of the kindest souls in the tri-state.

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Jon and his wife Tracey rescue and shelter abused animals in their spare time.  Years ago they turned their 12 acre farm into the New Jersey branch of the "Farm Sanctuary". Then, they bought another farm in Colts Neck, Hockhockson Farm, to do the same.  Ever since they've been doing some real good.  My favorite moment was when Jon and his wife saved a bull who escaped a slaughterhouse and brought him back to their sanctuary. I literally heard that bull say "not today Satan" as he made a break for it. Jon and Tracey didn't have the heart to let him go back.

They have also rescued hundreds of animals like "Sneakers" who is 32 years old (that’s 99+ years for us humans!).

Photo credit: hockhocksonfarm.org
Photo credit: hockhocksonfarm.org

We love seeing the Stewarts at the Jersey Shore...BTW the next time you are at  Scojo’s Eatery I recommend The Loaded Bagel with cream cheese, capers, red onion, lettuce, tomato sans salmon. YUM.

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