So here's the deal....when going out to eat sometimes the best option to choose is always going to be that old school local joint that has been around F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

Well as it turns out, the Jersey Shore has quite a few and now a few have officially been ranked.

I am still pretty new to the area and am still learning where I should be going when it is time to hit the town.

So talk to this the order you would have ranked?

4. Frank's Deli - Asbury Park

3. Boulevard Clams - Surf City

2. Vic's Italian-American Restaurant - Bradley Beach

And according to the winner is.....

1. Harvey Cedars Shellfish Co. Clam Bar - Beach Haven

The only spot on the list I have ever visited is Harvey Cedars but I must say they definitely deserve to be among the top listed. Fresh seafood, homey environment, and you can bring your own wine or beer! But that No Cellphones rule is a very real thing -- I got in trouble.

But otherwise, I have no idea how good these other locations are. Is this the ranking you would give them?

Check out the full ranking of longtime hotspots all over New Jersey at

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