The Jersey Shore's Summer business for 2019 might take a severe nose dive.

Legislations have passed that will result in new taxes and fees to be applied to the total cost of various rental properties totaling in a 11.625% price increase.

There also has been a legislation that incorporates the sales tax and hotel fees for short term rentals to even out the playing field between Airbnbs and hotels/motels.

So basically, the person renting out the property and the customer renting the property are all being charged more for the business transaction.

For example, The Adam's family has been renting the same home at the Shore for one week each Summer for the past decade.

However, with the newly applied taxes and fees of $400 and a $400 rent increase added to the usual rental cost, the bill for the vacation would be $4,300 just for the house. Not surprising that the family took a hard pass.

“Now, with the tax, we can’t afford to stay there anymore,” said 39-year-old Heather Adams. “I can actually go to Disney for five days and I don’t have to lift a finger. All my meals are cooked for me, and I don’t have to clean before we leave.”

She makes a very good point. For that kind of cost, who would want to clean and cook while on vacation?

May I also add that of course there will still be families who can afford these price increases but that will mean that they have less money to spend during the vacation at the local businesses of the Jersey Shore.

I am SO. NOT. A. FAN.

Take a look at these new legislations and how it will affect the Jersey Shore in closer detail at

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