When you think about New Jersey you may think about taxes and traffic, but all things considered we're pretty happy. Or are we?

The people at 24/7 Wall St. set out to find out which state in America is the happiest, and in their research, they were able to rank each state in order of happiness. So how did New Jersey do?

The categories that were considered in coming up with the rankings were sense of purpose, physical health, social relationships, financial security and relationship to community.

When all those things were considered, New Jersey ranked in the lower half of states in the nation. If you're looking for a silver lining, we're in the upper part of the lower half of happiness. We rank 28th.

So why aren't we happy, according to the research? Of course one big factor is the ridiculous cost of living in the Garden State. Another is an apparent lack of sense of purpose for many adults in our state.

You can checkout the complete results including the rankings for all other states at 24/7 Wall St.

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