This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but you live in one of the happiest states in the whole country. Yes, you don't have to double check. We're talking about New Jersey.

Generally speaking, we're pretty happy people in the Garden State, but you're not alone if you think those special gestures we make on the Parkway lower our ranking, but apparently not that much.

To be specific, according to WalletHub, New Jersey is the 4th happiest state in the entire nation, and good for us for ranking high in a study that we'd like to rank high in. Here are some of the specifics that led to the Garden State's impressive ranking.

New Jersey ranks as the state with the lowest depression and suicide rates, and that is such good news for all of us in New Jersey.

The Garden State has the 3rd lowest separation and divorce rate in the country.

Over the last 4 weeks, the Garden State has the 6th lowest COVID testing rate in the nation.

We rank 1st in the nation for 'overall physical and mental well-being"

When it comes to the topic of work, however, the numbers start to slide down a little bit. We're only the 16th happiest state when it comes to the number of work hours we do, and we are 30th happiest in the rankings when it comes to work environment.

So, it looks like we're happier with more things 'not work' tahn we are with work stuff here in the Garden State, and that sounds about right.

You can review all of the data and the methodology for this study at WalletHub.

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