It's not exhaustion or creative burnout that's to blame for Justin Bieber's canceling of his remaining 14 Purpose Tour dates — it was reportedly the big man upstairs.

Bieber, who announced on July 24 that he was ending his tour early, has reportedly "rededicated his life to Christ," according to TMZA source connected to Hillsong Church told the site that Bieber has achieved "religious enlightenment," and that his tour schedule wasn't so demanding that it would have compelled him to pull the plug otherwise.

Bieber previously told TMZ on July 24 that he canceled the tour because he needed rest, noting "Everything’s fine…I’ve been on tour for two years, [I’m going to spend time] resting, relaxation gonna ride some bikes," he said. “I love you guys, you’re awesome, I’m sorry for anyone who feels disappointed or betrayed.”

While some fans were, indeed, upset, other artists like John Mayer gave Bieber credit for knowing when to say when and making his mental wellbeing a priority.

“When someone pulls remaining dates of a tour, it means they would have done real damage to themselves if they kept going,” Mayer wrote on Twitter. “We’ve lost so many great artists lately. I give Justin [two thumbs up] for realizing it was time to call it. You should too.”

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