It turns out the 926 lb mako shark caught 100 miles off the Jersey Coast this past weekend will not be the official record holder after all.

Although the shark outweighed the record holder for the biggest caught off the Jersey Shore by nearly 50 lbs, it will not become the record holder because it was reeled in by more than one person.

According to, the rules of the Division of Fish and Wildlife clearly state that the shark would have to have been caught by a single person to qualify for the official record, and the mako was brought in by six men.

The anglers who caught the 12 foot shark say they won't attempt to have the catch recognized as the record holder, according to the article.

They may not get the official record, but bringing in a 12 foot, 926 lb shark deserves some kind of award as far as I'm concerned for these guys. Maybe a bravery plaque or something, right?

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