Is there a better way to celebrate shark week than to break the record for the largest shark ever caught off New Jersey? Well, that's just what happened.

The largest shark ever caught off the coast of the Garden State was reeled in at Hudson Canyon, 100 miles off the Jersey coast, on Saturday, according to The huge mako shark took over two hours to be caught and weighed 926 lbs..

According to the article, the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife say this shark beat the previous record by nearly 50 lbs. The previous record was a tiger shark that was caught off the coast of Cape May in 1988 and weighed in at 880 lbs.

It's ironic that the record catch happened during Shark Week. You can learn everything you need to know about sharks in a recent post by Liz.

I have to give these fishermen a lot of credit. I don't thing I'm alone in saying that if I saw a 900 lb. shark, I wouldn't be sticking around for two minutes, let alone the two hours it took to reel in this catch.

So while we're talking about big sharks, you may be wondering what the biggest shark ever was. Say hello to the Megalodon. According to, this prehistoric beast is estimated to have been up to 59 feet long, which is 3 times the length of the longest great white shark.

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