In our most recent Name The Monmouth County Town, we really thought we were putting your knowledge to the test. Now it's time to reveal the official answer.

First, let's recap the clues we gave you to try to help you get the correct answer. Here's the info we gave you...

Topanemus and Pleasant Valley were a couple of the hamlets which made up this town.

When this town was incorporated, it’s population was only 1500.

During the Revolutionary War, British troops searched for food along Pleasant Valley Road.

How did you do with those clues? It was no surprise to us that many Monmouth& Ocean County residents were all over this one. And by the way, if you were one of the many who guessed Marlboro, then you were exactly right!

it's kind of amazing to think of the days when the entire population of Marlboro was only 1500 people. Of course, you can get all the details on this beautiful Monmouth County town at the Marlboro Township website.

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