When you venture onto Craigslist, you never know what you're going to find. Sometimes the site can be an excellent source for buying and selling items and sometimes you come across offers like this.

This child's naming rights are up for a minimum bid of $20,000 (photo: Craigslist)

On January 23rd, a posting appeared on the Central Jersey Craigslist site by a Lakewood family willing to sell the naming rights of their daughter for $20,000.

The post claimed that this was the families ninth child and previously they had used family names. This time they wanted to try another approach.

The Craigslist post has been flagged, but not before word spread to The Global Jewish News Source.

In the ad the father says:

This is an excellent opportunity for someone who did not have children, or someone looking to honor a relative, or even to honor someone who was killed in the Holocaust.


While this whole story may sound a little bogus, the man reached out to JTA.org to confirm his identity and the validity of the offer.

The site also interviewed the man and found out that he a school teacher in Lakewood. His wife signed off on the idea siting the need for money. The parents plan on staying in touch with the winning bidder and inviting them to their daughter's bat mitzvah.

What will the $20,000 go toward? The father says tuition for his daughter and rent for the family. Also, they won't allow any "crazy" names and are looking for a "biblical" name.

Before the Craigslist ad was flagged, the man already had four offers.