Craigslist is an awesome website for selling things. Tickets you can't use, furniture, and cars. Some even seek romance. But, there's a whole other side of Craigslist some people aren't aware of. They are called "missed connections." Think the guy or girl at Wawa was checking you out and there's a possibility that they are your soulmate? Post it on Craigslist! As you expect, some of them get downright creepy. Here's a sampling.

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We were checking each other out in the Brick Dollar Tree, Saturday morning about 10:00. I loved your Lavendar polished toes......Very Tasty! I would LOVE to really taste you!............... :-)

library in shrewbury - m4w - 40 (monmouth county)

hello. i saw you in the quiet area of the library and you were seated by the window studying some topic in biology. i found you very attractive but saw that you were wearing a ring so i didn't bother approaching. however, i was really lusting for you because you look amazing and what you were studying was a turn-on too ;-)

hope you catch this and maybe we can chat or get some coffee and chat. by the way, i'll always be there on the weekends studying myself, so hope to catch you again on some weekend. give me some type of signal to approach you.



Girl jogging in Freehold - m4w - 26 (Schank Road)

Wow. Just wow. You were wearing workout clothes while walking/jogging along Schank Road in Freehold today. I was travelling for work, but couldn't help stopping everything I was doing in order to veer into a side parking lot alongside of you just so I could enjoy the last few seconds of your being in my sight. You must hear this all the time, but you have, hands down, the most amazing ass I have ever laid eyes on. Coupled with your blonde hair, you took my breath away. I would love to tell you more about how I felt when I saw you. Please put the color of your workout clothes as the subject.



SAT. Afternoon at Saw Mill Bike Trail - m4w - 45 (Brick /Burnt Tavern Rd)

You went for a walk on the Bike Trail by youself. I was sitting in my truck in the parking lot. I had just pulled in while you were preparing to go for that walk. I go there often to "Release" some of the stress of the day.  Just being Real.
I just would like to know if you are a Good girl......Or Naughty. If you are a Good girl, you probably aren't even seeing this. BUT, if you have a Naughty side to you, you probably have to be a "little" curious about this as I AM about you.
So, If you are "Curious" just respond to this posting and in the "Subject" section of your reply put the color of your car OR what you were carrying in your hand when you went for your walk.
I know I Imposed on you, so if anything about this is "Bothersome" to you, just be that GOOD girl and ignore this.



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