The greatest time of the year at the Jersey shore kicks off this weekend (even though lots of people at the shore think it already started last weekend) and now the parties begin. The sounds of people laughing, waves crashing on the hot sand and the smell of food grilling on the barbeque. Welcome to summer!

Diane and I were sitting on the deck over the weekend, and we heard the sound of seagulls and smelled the aroma of steak on a grill at the same time. You would think we hit the lottery! I know this is an unfair question, but let's try to figure out the single greatest food to grill according to us, the residents of the Jersey shore and the ultimate summer experts!  Most people I know boast about their particular specialty at the grill, and some of the recipes get pretty elaborate, with their secret sauces and kabobs, special marinades and spices. For this exercise, let's keep it simple.

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