It's certainly not a typical start to a Jersey Shore summer, but we need to do all we can to support local businesses.

We are starting summer in our traditional spot, live from the New Jersey Natural Gas Asbury Park Boardwalk studio this morning, and our main goal is to get as much information to you as possible.

While the show will lack the normal guest visits, we will have lots of info from local authorities to pass along to you about an important, and unusual weekend at the Jersey Shore.

It's so important that we all know and follow the rules, so we can enjoy this weekend and help all these great local businesses we love so much. And remember, things will be different at different beaches.

The best bet is to find out ahead of time what the deal is at the beach you want to go to, so you are prepared and not surprised. One thing is for sure. Things will not be like they were the last time you were at the beach. At least not yet.

And remember, everybody is reacting differently to all this, so fill your heart with patience and understanding before you even leave the house. We really need to rely on each other's compassion to get through this.

We've been doing so great with all these new things we're learning to do and get used to. If that keeps up, there is no reason this weekend can't be a great Jersey Shore kick off to summer.

Thanks for being Jersey Strong! You guys are the best. We're live until 10:00am and then Matt will be here this afternoon. Have a great weekend!

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