Well, for better or worse, we had our recording session today.

There were a lot of laughs and I'm sure Lou Russo will get a hold of some bloopers to play on the air during the rest of this week leading up to next Monday morning.

Then, like it or not, I will have to actually hear how my singing voice sounds on a holiday song. You see, Lou Russo thought this would be a great idea.

So...it will either be 'let's embarrass Liz' time, or maybe if I get lucky our Production Manager (love you, Mario!!!) will work his magic and substitute a better voice in my place!

Huge, huge props to Adam Christman, my duet partner, a much-loved veterinarian from Brick Town Veterinary Hospital, who did what only the best of friends would do...stepped in when I needed a duet partner.

And a great big, giant, hug of thanks to Don Fenimore from Garden State Music, our vocal coach who is the calm in any storm and a force for good in this world. He put up with me without batting an eye (at least in my presence, lol!)

So...listen at your own risk on Monday morning starting around 7 am (probably even earlier, knowing Lou) for our debut party and, at the very least, you will be in for lots of laughs!



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