As a woman, there's always that pressure to decide between career and family, but one local mom has found a way to have both, with an awesome business -- and great advice!

Amelia Caverly with her daughter Claire in 2013.
Amelia Caverly with her daughter in 2013. (Amelia Caverly)

Amelia Caverly was working as a teacher when she became pregnant with her daughter in 2012. She soon realized that because of her obsessive dedication to lesson plans, grades, etc., she wasn't going to be able to be both a really good teacher and a really good mom -- but that's not where the story ends.

About a year before that, her husband James launched Booskerdoo Fresh Roasted Coffee Co., in Monmouth Beach. Amelia realized that she could make her own hours as a baker, and so she started making pies and other treats for the shop.

Booskerdoo has since expanded, with three locations: Monmouth Beach, Fair Haven, and Middletown, and Amelia says the bakery side has grown exponentially as well, and there are now five bakers on staff.

Amelia first learned to bake from her mother-in-law, who taught her how to make a pie (and in turn gave her the baking bug!)

'I remember it so distinctly,' she said. 'It was a blueberry pie...and I had never made anything like that before, I wasn't really into baking. But when the blueberry pie came out of the oven, I don't know, something in me totally switched...I was completely hooked.'

Amelia took a couple of classes through Brookdale Community College's Culinary Arts program, where she met the four other bakers she's hired at Booskerdoo.

She says that they've become like a family, that they've all taught each other a lot, and that they have a lot of fun together.

Booskerdoo Signature pumpkin pie
Booskerdoo Bakery's Signature Can-free Pumpkin pie (Booskerdoo Bakery)

When it comes to the bakery items, just like the coffee, freshness is the key. They are doing everything fresh from can-free pumpkin pies to egg frittata sandwiches to scones, muffins, rolls, and more.

They also just launched their online store,, where you can pre-order your favorite treats so they are ready to pick up at whichever Booskerdoo location you specify.

Amelia says if you want a bakery item but don't see it listed, she'll make it -- just ask! Whether it's a dozen chocolate chip cookies, or a chocolate pecan pie, or something different altogether, she says she just wants to make people happy.

'We try to make it as easy for people as possible -- whether you come into the shop, you go online, or you call, somebody will take care of you!'

They'll even suggest the perfect Booskerdoo coffee to pair with whatever bakery item you have your eye on!

Amelia says the hardest part of it all is something every working mom can relate to, 'Waking up at 3 o'clock in the morning, working until 2 o'clock in the afternoon, then going and picking up Claire and...entertaining a toddler for six more hours, that can be, you know, exhausting.'

(Good thing she's always surrounded by coffee!!)

Whether you have a job outside of the house or not, Amelia understands that struggle to find balance, 'Every mom is a working mom...I think it's just a matter of finding what works for you and your family, and I've been lucky enough to figure that out.'

Booskerdoo Bakery is accepting pre-orders for Thanksgiving through Monday night. You can call the bakery at (732) 383-7196, e-mail Amelia at, or stop in to one of the three stores to pick up some treats! (I recommend the Signature Can-free Pumpkin Pie!)

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