Well here's some new, frothy goodness to try!

It's exciting enough that there's a new Booskerdoo coffee shop inside the beautiful, new Sickles in Red Bank....but a new vegan coffee too?! That's excellent news. Plus, you get to try it for free :)

Get a free Pea Milk Latte at Booskerdoo Coffee & Baking Co in Red Bank this Friday, Nov. 13th. And taste why this is better than any vegan latte...ever!

So....what is being used instead of a cow  milk, oat, almond, cashew or soy to make this latte so wonderful? It's a new, sustainable, Swedish plant-based milk made with pea protein brought to you by Sproud. And it froths better than any other vegan product.

Booskerdoo is excited to team up with Sproud to offer this vegan alternative, so anyone who comes to the Red Bank Booskerdoo this Friday can get a free, small Pea Milk Latte as a way to try this delicious plant-based milk in your coffee!

The giveaway starts at 7 am and will be available all day long, while supplies last. PLUS, in addition to the free lattes, you'll get a free sample of Sproud Barista Blend milk.

So stop in to try the specially-formulated Sproud Barista Blend to perfectly complement your coffee. What's really great about this new vegan product is that it froths so much better than others! This is excellent news for vegans since so many have had to live without a good froth until now.

As a bonus, if you adore Booskerdoo as much as I do or if you want to thank Sproud for rolling out this new plant-based milk, you can meet the two people who have brought you these faves! James Caverly, the founder/CEO of Booskerdoo, will be there...as will Ethical Brands/Sproud VP Jim Magner.

Photo courtesy of Sickles
The new Sickles in Red Bank, with Booskerdoo Coffee inside, Photo courtesy of Sickles

The new Booskerdoo is located at 200 Monmouth Street (inside Sickles) right across from Bon Jovi's Soul Kitchen restaurant. (Bonus: there is a large, free parking lot for Sickles/Booskerdoo customers.)

If you've never tried Booskerdoo coffee, you are in for a treat! I'll let thier words speak for themselves:


"For all the coffee lovers, Booskerdoo is serious about serving you the best damn cup of coffee you’ve ever had. Every. Single. Time. And then going to crazy lengths to match it with the most amazing, made-fresh-daily bakery things. But, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. In fact, we don’t care where you got your last cup, or what coffee language you’re speaking, we’re just glad you’re here and hope you’ll join our little crazy world of delicious coffee again soon."


And in case you're not familiar with Sproud, it's a plant-based nutrition brand that brings you healthy dairy alternatives that are sustainable. The vegan brand uses the power of pea protein sourced in Europe to provide you with high-quality and nutritious dairy alternatives that are non-GMO and allergen-free. Sproud is committed to using environmentally-friendly production and packaging practices. Sproud creates the perfect plant-based alternative for blending your meals and beverages for those who are gluten intolerant or looking for a clean milk alternative that’s great for the planet.

If you haven't yet done your grocery shopping or liquor-buying at the new Sickles in Red Bank, you'll probably never want to shop anywhere else once you enter this amazing new place. CLICK HERE for details.

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