Doctors, Nurses, First Responders, and everyone else treating patients and keeping this medical center up and running 24/7 deserve our support! And so do the local restaurants who are feeding them, thanks to generous donations from residents.

“Operation Feed the Heroes” is made up of selfless volunteers in the Ocean Township/Neptune area who are trying their best to support the crew at Jersey Shore University Medical Center (JSUMC) while also helping to keep area restaurants in business by raising money to pay them for their services to feed the hospital workers.

Martin Mabe, who is heading up this endeavor, says, "We have so far prepared and delivered more than 3,000 meals to the frontline medical teams at JSUMC.  I have been trying to get more donations so the food providers can keep up the pace and was looking for some help."

Martin says that thanks to a very generous single donation to one of our local restaurants, this coming Saturday, April 18th, Operation Feed the Heroes will endeavor to feed lunch to the ENTIRE STAFF of JSUMC.  The restaurant The Domesticated Dad in Belmar Plaza will prepare a feast expected to feed over 300 people!  Delivery is expected to be around 1PM Saturday afternoon.

Martin has asked the hospital to help with a little receiving line for the trays, but could really YOUR help.

You see, the restaurants like The Domesticated Dad that continue to feed hospital workers aren't even charging delivery fees or covering any of their other costs. Restaurants are using 100% of the donations they receive toward food costs, which, truthfully, always ends up leaving them short. These amazing restaurateurs are then covering the rest of the cost themselves.

So PLEASE call the local restaurants from Asbury Park, Bradley Beach, Neptune, Spring Lake, and Ocean Township who are participating, including:

The Elbow Room 416 Main Street Bradley Beach

Marandola's 608 Main Street Bradley Beach

The Headliner in Neptune 1401 Rt 35 Neptune City, Neptune

Asbury Park Roastery 803 Second Avenue, Asbury Park

Crust & Crumble 633 Lake Avenue, Asbury Park

Diet Gourmet 167 Lincoln Avenue, Long Branch

Domesticated Dad 821 Belmar Plaza

Modine 601 Mattison Ave, Asbury Park

MOGO 632 Cookman Ave., Asbury Park

Oakhurst Pizza 2001 Bellmore St. Town Sq. Mall

Spring Lake Manor 415 Rt 71, Spring Lake

Twisted Tree 609 Cookman Ave, Asbury Park

And if you need more info or would like to help in any way, please email


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