You do NOT want to miss this amazing show. Not because Lou and I happen to make an appearance in it...but because this show and episode are amazing! Here are the details:

Driving Jersey produces a TV series called "Here's the Story", and tonight they are doing a special rebroadcast of an episode titled "Paradise by the Basement Light" that happens to feature a small bit of Lou and I doing our show in Asbury Park.

This Emmy-winning TV show, produced by the awesome Steve Rogers of Red Bank, can be seen on NJTV, a PBS station on your cable or Fios system.  Tonight's rebroadcast is at 10:30 pm.

This episode's theme is rock and roll and features Asbury Park, where you will meet some interesting characters (and yes, this is the part where Lou and I are featured), an intimate and candid chat with Bobby Bandiera at Count Basie Theatre that is completely different than anything you've ever heard, and so much more.

In fact, Steve shares some secrets on this episode about some pop-up rock and roll concerts taking place in some of the most unsuspected basements close to us. It's the cellar scene of rock and roll and basically you don't know about the show...unless you know about the show. That's how secret this underground rock and roll is.

CLICK HERE for the channel guide to find out what PBS/NJTV channel you can see this episode on tonight at 10:30.

If you can't get it on TV, you can CLICK HERE to find the episode and view it!

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