Driving Jersey has a new episode coming to PBS, and Producer Steve Rogers was on our show this morning talking about it. I've seen the show, and it's awesome!

Steve Rogers travels our state to tell amazing and wonderful stories about those of us who live here and their adventures, struggles, journeys, and lives. He shows us some little-known activities right here at home that we didn't know of. But, for me, the beauty of this show is the way Steve captures the emotions of some wonderful NJ residents...everyday people that we get to know as if they are our neighbors.

Producer Steve Rogers
(Producer Steve Rogers)

This time around, Steve is featuring some Monmouth County people and events in yet another slice-of-life that you won't want to miss.

The theme for this episode, called Lost & Found, is people who have found happiness and purpose in life through their passions.

In one segment, Steve interviews a long-time resident of Red Bank, who has lived in her home for 26 years. Now Johnna White has decided to move on, and Steve brings us inside her transition through her home and yard sale. Johnna opens up about the impossible blessings of closing a chapter in her life, starting a new one, and saying goodbye. Her story as difficult, yet beautiful. And I found myself wishing I knew her myself.

In another segment of this episode, Steve marches along in wonderful Independence Day Parade, which includes the tenth annual Kazoo Band march. The number of kazoo-ers and the good spirit they generate grows each year. Today, over 100 people kazoo through the streets of Ocean Grove. This has brought about friendships, love and fulfillment that lasts all year long. You'll want to be there next summer once you see this!

The new episode premiers on NJTV tomorrow evening (Wed., August 20th) at 8 pm. CLICK HERE for a list of channels that will be showing it in your area.

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