Driving Jersey is a PBS show near and dear to my heart. It focuses on small-town stories in and around our area that we might never have known about otherwise. And it is produced with the heart and soul of what makes us all proud to call NJ home. Here's how you can help keep this great show on the air.

You may have caught an episode of Driving Jersey that featured some of the great entertainment on the boardwalk in Asbury Park that happened to feature me and Lou as we did our morning show from there while the TV show was shooting.

But that's not why I love this show. I really have gotten chills and tears in my eyes from some of the great episodes of Driving Jersey. The Executive Producer, Steve Rogers, really manages to capture people and stories from our community. From Seaside to Red Bank, Ocean Grove to Jackson and beyond, Steve has managed to find and bring to life some of the most beautiful interviews and video footage I have seen on TV. Truly a top quality show that deserves to stay on the air.

Driving Jersey is seen on PBS stations. It is non-profit, but needs a sponsor because, quite frankly, the show needs funding to produce. The technology, cameras, and small staff needed to make such an incredible show are a legitimate expense.

So a month-long fundraiser is now underway for Driving Jersey, a show OF the people, FOR the people, that is now asking for funding BY the people who watch it (even though Steve wishes he didn't have to go this route). But unlike other public television shows, this one is NOT sponsored or funded by any corporation. Hopefully it will be in the very near future (know of a corporation that would do it?)

This is Driving Jersey's 5th season on PBS, but it may be the last. You can help by making a contribution, and echoing your appeal to friends to help Driving Daisy stay on the air and get back on the road to an exit near you.

Here is a glimpse of some of the upcoming episodes Steve has planned to air, which will make it the best season ever:

-- The story of an extraordinary public music teacher and the amazing results she gets from her students using a 'unique' teaching style that emphasizes courage, love, and inspiration.

-- The up-and-coming folk rock band Thomas Wesley Stern, six childhood friends from Jackson/Lakewood, who, only in their late twenties, are finding success by playing music that's over a century old.

-- A holiday episode chronicling the development of an Asbury Park tradition -- the yearly production of Dickens' Christmas Carol. Started when the city was still just a shuttered, dark has-been, Driving Jersey follows the ghosts of Asbury's past, present and future, against the backdrop of the play's production unfolding from rehearsal to opening night.

If you can help support this great show, please CLICK HERE!

For more info on this great show, CLICK HERE!


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