Eight years ago a TV show producer interviewed some elementary school kids. He did it again a few years later, and now, as high school students, you'll get to see how these kids have grown up and how their thoughts about being President of the U.S. have changed.

Steve Rogers of Driving Jersey, an acclaimed TV show on PBS, visited a 1st grade class in Tinton Falls eight years ago and talked to then 6-year-olds about their perceptions of leadership and the American Presidency.

The kids were each asked what they would do if they were given the power of the presidency. In each subsequent national election, Steve returned to chat with the same group of kids. Now they are 14-years-old and you will get to see how they have matured from adorable little kids to young adults...and how their perceptions have matured.

Their answers might just renew your faith in the future. This is must-see TV on NJTV. The name of the TV show is "Here's the Story", and this episode is called "Tomorrow, Today." You can catch it when it premieres tonight at 8 pm, or again on Fri., Nov. 4th, at 10:30 pm on Comcast Channel 23, Fios Channel 46, and Cablevision Channel 8.

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