Here at the Jersey Shore, we love Asbury Park for so many reasons. And now PBS/NJTV is airing a 1-hour special that is one of the most comprehensive looks at Asbury that you will ever see.

Driving Jersey Productions is celebrating its 5th anniversary with a special on PBS titled "Here's The Story: Season's Greetings from Asbury Park." This newest episode of the Emmy-nominated TV series explores the past, present and future of one of our state's (and country's) most iconic shore towns.

Told against the backdrop of a community theater production of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," staged at the famed Paramount Theater on the boardwalk, this episode includes the reflections and predictions of those who live, lived, work, create, and haunt this city.

(Photo from Steve Rogers)
(Photo from Steve Rogers)

Series creator and executive producer, Steve Rogers, explains the significance of the piece this way: "This is a particularly special film for us. We've been at work on it for over a year, so we've been living with it, existing in it for a while, so it feels great to finally be able to show our experiences and tell the stories, which are all rich in interesting ways, many dealing with adversity and redemption."

Seasons Greetings from Asbury Park includes interviews with a wide range of Asbury personalities, including art and music impresario Jenn Hampton, muralist Porkchop, restaurateur/activist Marilyn Schlossbach, musicians Paul Eichlin and Nick Nasty, and director/producer Mark Fleming. In addition, both the east and west part of the town are explored.

Steve Rogers says there is something for everyone in this episode, and that having a full year to produce this full hour really allowed them to create a rich, diverse portrait of this complex shore town. He says you'd be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive film about Asbury.

The show premiers Wednesday, Dec. 23rd, at 8 pm (and will most likely be shown more than once.) You can see this film on PBS channels including NJTV in our state, on channels 23 for Comcast, 46 on Fios and 8 (Cablevision).

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