Nancy Reamy has been on the air with us each morning for over ten years now!

Sure her job is to get you to work with Point Traffic, but she really is more like a part of our Lou and Liz/94.3 The Point family.

Lou will most likely not enjoy that I am referring to our morning show as a 'family' and using terms like  'we' and 'our' in this blog. I'm sure he would quite prefer if I spoke only for myself (lol.)

However, our little family wouldn't be complete without Nancy. She is the 'middle child' to us -- meaning that she often has to break up our fights or try to be the peace-keeper when our arguments get out of control.

When Nancy is out and some other poor soul is filling in to bring you Monmouth and Ocean County traffic, that person tends to bolt when Lou and I are having heated discussions. I guess it gets a bit uncomfortable to be that close to us when we are disagreeing (haha.)

But not Nancy. She just rolls her eyes and tries to be the voice of reason.

Thank you, Nancy Reamy, for being such a big part of our lives. You complete our triangle, no matter whose side you take, and WE love you xoxo!

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