Liz and I battle about just about everything, so we thought why not make it interesting with a two team fantasy football league.

Yep, every week it's Lou vs. Liz in a fantasy football battle. How's it going so far? Chalk up one win for Liz and one for me in the two games we've played so far, even though Liz could very easily be 2-0.

We have also argued over what the winner owes the loser when the season is over, but the name of the show, and a free dinner are among the prizes that have already been discussed, but not agreed upon.

So, who will take the edge this weekend? Odds are, Liz will, since my top running back is the injured Saquon Barkley, but I'm not making excuses. This is the life of a fantasy football owner.

I want to wish good luck to my weekly opponent, and we'll have results for you on Tuesday morning.

And by the way, if you haven't heard Liz's new victory song, you should check it out. Tune in to the morning show all week 5:30am  to 10:00am.


Team     Wins     Losses       Ties

Liz            1               1             0

Lou           1               1            0

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