It’s another important weekend for the Jersey Shore. This year every weekend is more important than ever.
We are proud to be kicking off this Jersey Shore weekend as we do every weekend from the New Jersey Natural Gas Asbury Park Boardwalk Studio. There is always so much information and always new information you need to know each day about the beaches and boardwalks and we’ll bring it all to you throughout the live broadcast this morning.

We’ll be joined by New Jersey Natural Gas’ Tom Hayes as he touched base with you on some great local organizations and what they’re doing for you and what you can do to help them.
And speaking of helping others, this morning gives us another opportunity to remind you to support local businesses as much as you can this weekend. They’ve never needed us more than they do right now, and we’ve never needed them more.
Here in Asbury Park, the Chamber of Commerce urges you to Be Vocal, Buy Local, and they have a great page to help you. If you’re in Asbury Park this weekend, please do. If not, support the local businesses wherever you are.
We are live on the boardwalk until 10:00 am and remember Matt Ryan will be here this afternoon, as well as Gino D. this weekend. Enjoy the weekend and be safe. We are so excited to continue this weekend tradition, and after the past few months none of us will ever take it for granted (not that we ever really did).

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