We would like to thank you for another great year of support for great Jersey Shore charities, events and mornings together.

I don't often speak for Liz and she doesn't often speak for me, but I think it's very safe to say that we are both on exactly the same page when it  comes to our appreciation for you and your support.

It's been another great year here at the Jersey Shore and we just want to say thank you for letting us be a part of your day. It's an honor we don't take lightly, and we appreciate you for all you do.

Whether you've visited us at our live broadcast in Asbury Park or at Jenkinson's this past summer, or maybe you made a generous donation at out pre-Thanksgiving show for Fulfill at the Atlantic Club, or our Giving Tuesday live broadcast from the Basie, we say thank you.

Or maybe you called in when there was a traffic problem you wanted to know about, or a vote you wanted to cast for a poll, or maybe you called in to agree with me, or maybe you're the one person who agreed with Liz that one time, we say thank you!

Or maybe you just crank up that radio each morning and enjoy some great music and laugh along with some of the Liz antics we so often talk about, and of course all that Jersey Shore stuff, too. If that's you, we thank you as well.

On behalf of Liz and Nancy and Vin and all the people who put the morning show together each day, we wish you a happy and healthy 2020. Thanks again, we love you all!

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