Mets fans aren't used to having a team in the mix in late October, so I didn't want to forget my thoughts during this historic time so I decided to keep a World Series journal.

Game 3. It's a must win game for the Mets. They all are now. Mets pitcher Noah Synergaard starts the game with a fastball up and in knocking the Royals lead off hitter off his feet. I think it's a good sign. We need to shake it up a bit. It works because our bats wake up and we win. I can't really believe it. Our Mets winning a game in the 2015 World Series. Who would have thought that was possible at the beginning of the year.

Game 4. Another must win, but this time destiny is not on our side. And to top it off, the hero for our last two playoff series, Daniel Murphy winds up being the goat. A big error late in the game doomed us in this one, and had many fans, myself included, fighting the old Mets fans feelings that end in nausea and frequent headaches.  I just keep reminding myself of the odds that this team beat to even get here, and maybe there's a little magic left in the tank.

Game 5. If somebody told me this spring that the Mets season would end in the early hours of November 2nd, I probably would have kissed you, but when Wilmer Flores made the last out and the Royals celebrated on our field, I wasn't in much of a kissing mood. Series over. Season over. Three wins shy of a world championship. Then I started thinking about that. Three wins away from a World Series? That's not so bad. At least it's not three seasons.

So I take this moment to thank the Mets for a series of fun, excitement and pride in my favorite team. And not only that. I also thank them for the great memories I had this summer with Diane, and my Mom and Dad. My Dad and I must have had 200 Mets phone calls this summer. And those are memories that can never be replaced, and I'd rather have those than any trophy. Not that the trophy wouldn't have been really, really nice too.


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