I decided I would keep a journal during the World Series so I can have a reminder of how I felt during this monumental time in my Mets fan life.

Game 1. I write this entry with exactly 174 minutes of sleep after staying awake for literally the longest game in the history of the World Series, and what do I have to show for it? A  big fat loss.

The Mets managed to tap into every one of my Mets emotions, both good and bad, after a grueling 14 inning marathon game that ended close to 1:30am. I hadn't even gotten comfortable when Matt Harvey gave up a first pitch home run. Despite that, this game could have ended before 11:30 with a Mets win, but that's just not how my Mets work.

Nope, my Mets have to give up a game tying home run in the 9th inning. That homer not only ended my chance of getting any decent night's sleep, but it brought back all the old feelings of Mets disappointment from year's past.and if you're a Mets fan, you know there are plenty of those.

Then two long hours and 5 even longer innings later, a simple fly ball to right field scored the winning run for the Royals and put the final dagger in my Game 1 heart.

I now sit here with less than 3 hours sleep reminding myself that this isn't the old Mets. This is a talented, young bunch of exciting players who know how to bounce back. And they'll need to tonight. and I think they will. What? An optimistic Mets fan, even after a World Series game 1 loss? You bet! Turns out lack of sleep doesn't hamper optimism!

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