The surfside resort and residencies on Ocean Avenue near Convention Hall is no longer just a frame.

Looks to me like this project, being built by IStar, for all the the years it failed, is now quickly approaching the finish line.

Crews in Asbury Park have been working hard on the Asbury Ocean Club since last summer, and have make tremendous progress in the past couple of months.

I see trees a couple of levels up in what looks to be a public atrium deck.

(Photo by Liz Jeressi)
(Photo by Liz Jeressi)

I will try to get in and see it soon, but it looks exciting and beautiful even amid some controversy over the private beach club that could block off part of the boardwalk and beachfront that local residents and tourists have been enjoying these past years.

Word has it the new building will be a mixed use of shops, hotel rooms, and multi-million dollar private residencies.

But one thing is for beats the old metal, abandoned skeleton that for years was a reminder of how Asbury Park had deteriorated into a ghost town of abandoned buildings housing the likes of squatters, drugs and gangs.

For photos of a 'peak inside', CLICK HERE!

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