A lot of stores are taking a stand for their employees by closing on Black Friday, but unfortunately for one local grocery store, those doors will stay closed permanently.


The A&P on Rt. 520/Newman Springs Road in Marlboro is among the chain's stores that will be closing after Thanksgiving Day.

A sign announcing the closing is visible from the roadway.

The store's closing will leave locals without a convenient place to go for a quick stop.

The closest stores nearby are ShopRite on Rt. 9 near Union Hill Rd., ShopRite on Rt. 34 in Aberdeen, or Wegmans on Rt. 9 near Symmes Dr. in Manalapan.

I will say the last few times I was in that particular A&P, it seemed a little grimy, but when you need something in a pinch, it was very convenient.

There's no word on what will take over the space.