What do we do during Memorial Day Weekend? BBQ!

And when do we want to BBQ? NOW!!! 

But let's make sure we are prepared first because a Jersey Shore BBQ has some expectations to live up to.

Have Fun. Be Safe. Get Tan.


You HAVE to BBQ at these parties. It is just the rule of human nature. Burgers, hotdogs, chicken wings....all of these foods taste ten times more delicious while chowing down out in the sun. We don't know why and we are thinking of running a few experiments.

Water Source

Whether it be a pool, the ocean, a slip and slide, or even a sprinkler, I feel like being able to take a dip in-between hotdogs is a must on MDW.

Jell-O Shots

There are drinks you drink during the winter like egg nog and spiked hot chocolate. Well, Jell-O shots are one of the concoctions that is made for the Summer! **Other booze encouraged**


This may sound cheesy but filling a BBQ with people that you do not necessarily know very well will be nowhere near as fun compared to if you invite your closest friends. You knw who I am talking about. Invite those people that you could have fun with even if you were hanging out with in a cardboard box so you can kick off the Summer properly!


Time to bust a move! Maybe in the pool....while eating a chicken wing! Sounds like heaven.


A very minor ingredient but one that if forgotten by everybody, could have disastrous results if that Sun is on its A game this weekend.


Now that the firework ban in New Jersey has officially been lifted, you can legally celebrate with some sparklers! Keep in mind that not all fireworks are legal, so take another look at our friendly reminder of the legal fireworks so you can stay out of trouble.

Did I miss anything? Have any suggestions? Then share with the group in the comments below!

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