I happened to meet Ethel when my boys started attending Brookdale Community College and needed some questions answered. And then I found out that Amy, who also works there, is a huge Lou and Liz fan. So we brought these lovely women in to spend the morning show with us.

I tend to make simple things complicated, so I had about a thousand questions the day I approached the main desk at the entrance of the college library in order to help my boys track down some books and tutors.

I couldn't believe how much patience Ethel had for me, and just how much she went out of her way to help me. It got me wondering about Ethel...and that's when she told me she has been working there for 40 years!

Ethel couldn't be a nicer person or friendlier to a stranger than she was to me, which is how I ended up finding out so much about her.

And Amy, it turns out, has been listening to our morning show since we began close to 17 years ago! Amy is a Learning Commons Assistant and tutors Psychology students in the library.

I also have to say that everyone else I have met during the past year as I have tried to navigate my high-school age boys through their first college classes has been amazing and helpful and friendly and have all gone the extra mile to help my boys and for that I am grateful.

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