Women fall in love with all shoes. Men fall in love with their shoes. And by their shoes, I mean their one pair of brown and one pair of black shoes. They wear them until they can't wear them anymore. It takes a hole or a painting accident to finally put them to rest. 

At the comedy show Friday night, comedian Jeff Norris mentioned that he was wearing the same shoes he wore to the prom. Everyone laughed. I believed him. And then a funny thing happened yesterday.

In the middle of one of those torrential downpours we had yesterday, I stepped in a puddle and got a weird sensation. It was the sensation of stepping into a puddle...with no shoe on. My sock was soaked and I couldn't figure out why.

Then I looked down at my foot and saw that the shoe had a one inch hole in it and the top of the shoe had literally separated from the bottom. My first thought...I can fix these! I mean, they litearlly had taken the shape of my foot...I just couldn't let then go that easily!

The worst part is I really have no idea how long they were that way. I wonder how many events or meetings I was at with that huge hole in my shoe. I'm probably better off not knowing.

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