Run for your LIFEEEEE!

Wait...just was seaweed.

But an 800-pound white shark named "Miss May" has been tracked along the coast of South Jersey multiple times in the past week or so.

A nonprofit ocean research group known as OCEARCH installed a tracker on the white shark that was named Miss May and has been following her since she started heading north off the coast of Florida earlier last week.

Miss May, that is an impressive swim time. Ever think about competing?

But anyways...Miss May was pinged about 10 miles from the coast of Cape May on Tuesday and then last night, she was tracked to about 15 miles away from Wildwood and Stone Harbor.

A "ping" happens whenever she goes above water for approximately 90 seconds or more.

Keep a look out because if Miss May keeps her path, she will be near the coast of Monmouth and Ocean Counties very soon!

But OCEARCH takes it a step further and create social media accounts for each animal so Twitter users can follow their favorite animal personalities.

She is far from the only animal account you can follow! Click HERE to find other animals that you can track day by day!

Do you remember hearing about Mary Lee? She was the 3,400-pound white shark that was spotted off the coast of New Jersey several times and she rallied over 130,000 followers on twitter.

OCEARCH has also installed trackers in various other animals including other sharks, turtles, seals and whales.

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