Imagine if your son's 11th birthday was coming up, and when you asked him if he wanted to have a birthday party, he said, 'What's the point? I have no friends.'

When that exact situation happened to one mom, she took charge...and the results so far are incredible.

Jennifer, in an interview with Good Morning America, said that her son Colin has a condition similar to Asperger's, which makes it hard for other kids to relate to him, and hard for him to relate to other kids.

Good Morning America via YouTube

She took to social media, hoping she could show Colin how many friends he really does have around the world, all wanting him to feel special on his birthday.

She set up a page for him on Facebook on February 2nd, and it has quickly gone viral. The page now has 1.2 MILLION likes and counting, with thousands and thousands of birthday wishes for Colin.

There's even an address to send birthday cards and presents:

Happy Birthday Colin
P.O. Box 756
Richland, MI 49083-0756

No little boy should feel unloved on his birthday, and this is a small and easy way to make a little kid smile.

As for now, Jennifer has been able to keep this all a surprise, and hopes to unveil it all to Colin on his birthday, March 9.

Amazing story.

Colin, smile buddy. You have plenty of friends all over the world now, and plenty more you just haven't met yet! Happy Birthday!

You can leave your Birthday wishes for Colin on his page by clicking HERE!