If you come to New Jersey, there is one small town you must see before you leave, and that town is right here in Monmouth County.

The website Thrillist named the "Must See Small Towns" in every state in the nation, and when it came to the Garden State, a Monmouth County town was the one they chose. Can you guess which one it is?

There are certainly a lot of great choices that would fit the bill, but the one hat gets the honor might not be one of the first towns you'd guess. Want a hint? Let's start by telling you which Monmouth County small town it's not.

My first guess is Spring Lake, and if it's not that, I would shift to Manasquan, Red  Bank or Asbury Park. I know Asbury is a city, but I think it fits the category. It doesn't matter though, because none of those great places topped this list.

So, which Monmouth County town gets the honor. How about the beautiful Sea Bright. It was named "The Must Visit Small Town in New Jersey by Thrillist. It's an awesome town, but it's not one that might have been the first one you thought of.

The gorgeous town has a population of under 1500 and the whole town is just 1.2 square miles, but we locals know how much beauty and awesomeness that's packed into that space.

It's nice to see any town in our area celebrated, so congratulations to our friends in Sea Bright for getting acknowledged. It's well deserved!

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