Maybe for just a minute last weekend, you allowed yourself to think it might be over. If you thought Winter 2014 might be winding down, you thought too soon.

Deep down, you knew it was too good to be true, and the weather this week proved that your deep down feeling was accurate. We have all heard that it won't be as cold as the polar vortex that had wind chills at 25 below earlier this winter, so how cold is it going to get this time?

Alan Kasper says it will get to single digits in many spots tonight. The expected low for some inland spots will drop to 5 while it will stay at about 12 for lows along the coast.  It will stay cold during the day tomorrow as well, with highs in the low 20's and there's even talk of a wintry mix later Sunday.

It's certainly not the worst forecast we've had this winter, but it is a reminder that last weekend was just a little gift, and we've got a way to go before Winter 2014 is over.