Even if you are tired and frustrated from of all the paperwork you filled out in the past, or think that you have gotten all the money available to you, there are literally THOUSANDS of new dollars that could be yours, and people available FOR FREE to help you resubmit your paperwork!

The Ocean County Long Term Recovery Group (OCLTRG) is helping you, free of charge, if you live in Monmouth or Ocean Counties, to re-submit your flood claim and have it reviewed again. Turns out you may not have been given the fair amount of money that you were owed.

This is a critical moment for you. The deadline has been extended until October 15th, and now is your chance to get absolutely free advice and help to get this money! 90% of the cases that have been reviewed were deemed worthy of receiving substantial money because it turns out they were underpaid.

SO...if you filed a flood insurance (NFIP) claim after Superstorm Sandy, and you were not satisfied with the amount of money you received from your insurance company, you can request a review of your flood insurance claim through FEMA.

And if you need help in understanding or navigating the review process you can get FREE assistance from trusted community advocates who are on hand to provide one-on-one assistance.

If you want more information on what you need to do to opt-in for a review, please call the Long Term Recovery Group at 732-569-3484, ext. 24.

OR, you can attend a FREE clinic coming up in Middletown for the help you need to navigate the review process. Lawyers, nonprofit builders and housing counselors will be on hand to provide you with help. Insurance experts will also be in attendance.

Call to make an appointment and find out what documents to bring. The clinic will take place Tuesday, September 29th, from 4 pm - 8 pm, at the Middletown Library, 55 new Monmouth Road. Walk-ins will also be welcome on a first come, first serve basis.

There may also be other clinics scheduled, too, so for any information you need, call 732-569-3464, ext. 24. Or CLICK HERE!



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