Nancy has wanted to get the morning show together for lunch for about 5 years. Sweet idea, but that would mean seeing each other after work. Usually I avoid these get togethers because Liz and I have usually had enough of each other by 10am.

Despite that, I said yes since Nancy was going through the trouble of putting it together. Turns out it was less trouble for Nancy than I thought. I get there and frankly, I was starving. Nancy said to go right into the kitchen. "The kitchen"? I thought. Turns out lunch is a "make your own panini" lunch. I had not anticipated "make your own" anything.

So, as I'm cooking, I look in the dining room, and there's only one seat left. Wanna take a guess? Yep, right next to Liz. Thank you very much Nancy!!

Turns out it was a really nice lunch and I know Nancy worked hard to coordinate it, shop for it, and open the doors of her home to make it happen. So seriously, thanks Nancy. Let's do it again. In 2017.

Liz ,Nancy and Lou
Sue Moll, Townsquare Media


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