I was scheduled to join the students at Lehmann School in Lakewood last week for Read Across America, but a delayed opening scratched that plan. We set last Friday as the make up date.

I am always honored to be asked to stop by the Lehmann School in Lakewood and the the Schroth School in Wanamassa, both part of the amazing LADACIN Network. I have been to both several times and I'm always amazed by the amazing work going on there.

This visit was no exception. The amazing staff and students took a break from their busy days to let me read some books to them, and I hope everyone enjoyed it. I know I did. And then I was presented with some special thank you's including the photo attached.

And as much as all the thank you's are appreciated by me (and they are very appreciated), I feel like I should be the one thanking them. I am always inspired by the students and staff at the LADACIN Network and the work they do each day.

The mission of LADACIN Network, a nonprofit agency, is to provide a continuum of care, including educational, therapeutic, social, residential and support services to infants, children, and adults with complex physical and developmental disabilities or delays, according to their website.

So, I guess I just wanted to take a minute to thank all the staff and students at the Lehmann School for inviting me to visit them on a special day, and thank them for making my day. You guys are awesome!

To learn more about the amazing work going on at these very special places, please visit the LADACIN Network website.

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