I have been looking for ways to get stronger and more fit, feel more energetic, and lose inches/drop weight. And I finally found an amazing way to do it.

How would you like to have more energy, lose some weight and inches, get your blood pressure and cholesterol down, lower your chance of pre-diabetes and diabetes, sleep better and learn the best ways to not boomerang from healthy to unhealthy throughout life?

You can do what I'm doing. It's called The Healthy Care (Commit to Get Fit) 90-Day Program at The Atlantic Clubs in Manasquan and Red Bank (which are certified in medical fitness)  and is available for both members AND non-members.

This is a true and real way to expand wellness and extend your life. It's a way to build a life free of diets, fatigue, and stress.

Here's how it works:

First off, you get a complete wellness assessment to determine what your current health status is. This includes identifying your  possible risk factors. This is serious business...I got a TEN PAGE REPORT specifically on MY health (more comprehensive than any physical I have ever had at my doctor's office, that's for sure!)

This biometric assessment includes a blood profile for cholesterol, etc., a body composition analysis (including fat and muscle measurements), a fitness test to see what your current level is, blood pressure testing and more.

All of your results will be explained to you in a way you can understand (when's the last time a doctor took that amount of time for you?!), and then you'll work with both nutrition and fitness experts to improve your well-being and live your best life.

This program focuses on the 4 pillars of wellness: nutrition, exercise, stress management, and behavioral changes.

It's a 13 week small-group program instructed by a registered dietitian and a nationally certified fitness professional that includes weekly 2-hour small group sessions consisting of an hour of education and an hour of various types of exercise. You'll get a program workbook, coaching on daily meal planning, and SO MUCH MORE!

Plus, you will bond with your small group and get their support. This is a huge help because you are in it with people just like you who will have you feeling like you don't want to let THEM down -- HUGE motivation to stick with the program and become more successful as you move toward a healthier life.

The coaches are incredibly supportive, friendly, and patient. They will help you find creative ways to eat so that you don't feel deprived and aren't ever starving (lol), they will teach you things you never knew (and, believe me, I thought I knew it all!), and they will encourage you even on your worst days.

This is such a personalized program. If you're overweight, injured, overworked, stressed out, or feeling like you have an impossible mountain to climb...if you feel like your doctor just keeps putting you on meds instead of teaching you how to reclaim your health, if you're feeling run down and prone to illness, or just plain down on yourself --- this program will change your life.

This isn't like those trendy 6-week 'work out 'til you drop' quick-fixes, because this program takes your own personal body into account rather than just lumping you in with a large group of people and having everyone do the same thing, when each person SHOULD be considered for the unique person they are. This isn't someone just  throwing some standard, trendy diet at you that you can print out and follow...again because YOUR PERSONAL HEALTH AND BODY should be treated like the individual that you are! This isn't 'follow the leader and follow everyone else.' It's about YOU!!!

How many times in your life, when you tried on your own and failed, did you say something along the lines of "Well if I was rich like the celebrities I could get my own personal trainer and chef and it would be easy."??? Well this program is like having your own private trainer and people teaching you how to shop, cook right and provide varied workouts for you!

You will lose weight, inches, and body fat. You will lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, and anything else you, personally, need to fix. And, because this program takes place over a 3-month period instead of one of those quick fixes that will cause your body to yo-yo right back to where it was beforehand, this program has the TIME to SLOWLY teach you new, lifelong habits that you can stick with!

I can't say enough good things about this program. It is like nothing I have ever tried. I am learning things that I can't believe I didn't know all these years about food and cooking and grocery shopping and working out properly.

It is the most worthwhile investment you will make. An investment in yourself.

To find out more, call Kathy Buibord at 732-292-4380 or email her: Kathyg@theatlanticclub.com and feel free to contact me to find out how this program has worked for me! liz.jeressi@townsquaremedia.com.

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